Copper Wire Mesh

$ 11.66 $ 11.66
Wires Pure Copper Mesh Woven Filter Sanitary Food Grade For Distillation Moonshine
Material:Pure Copper Width:100mm,10cm,4 inch Length:1 Meter 4 Wires Woven Wire Diameter:0.15mm Weight Per Meter: Approx 150g  Without Oil and Bad smell Widely Used in Home beer brew ,Distillation,Reflux Moonshine Brewing,Pest Control,etc Package included:1 Meter  If you put two orders,we will send 2 meters.We aslo have copper mesh
$ 17.46
Copper Mesh Pest Control Still Packing Roll Reflux for Moonshine
Details: * This product is ideal for directing the flow of liquid and exposing it to the maximum amount of rising vapor. * 100% Brand new and high quality. * Made of T2 pure copper, durable and compact * Gives much better liquid-vapor exchange efficiency and much less resistance to vapor flow. * Roll to fit inside of distillation column without being compressed, while still remaining in place. * It is best to roll somewhat snug. * Always keep copper...
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