The "Moonshiner Josh" Engraved "6 Pack" Mini Still

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The Distillery Network Inc.and Moonshiner Josh Owens.- Introduce the "6 Pack" Mini Still -  - Fully Functional- Lifetime Warranty- Directions Included- Free Shipping- Personalized Engraving- Thick Copper- Lead Free Solder-...
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The Distillery Network Inc.
and Moonshiner Josh Owens.

- Introduce the "6 Pack" Mini Still - 

- Fully Functional
- Lifetime Warranty
- Directions Included
- Free Shipping
- Personalized Engraving
- Thick Copper
- Lead Free Solder
- Ships Discreetly 
- Recipes Included
- 24/7 Phone Support Line
- Sales Tax Free New Hampshire
- Hand Made in USA


The 6 Pack Mini Still is here.  Pure Copper. This unit fits 6 beers worth of mash and will make a small amount of high proof moonshine!  Sleek and Convenient Design.  Use flame or electric stove top and distill alcohol in the comfort of your own home.  Ever wanted to make moonshine? Now you can, with the 6 Pack Mini Still.  

- 6 Inch Diameter Pot
- 1/2 Inch Lyne Arm
- 3/8 Inch Condensing Coil
- Replaceable Temperature Gage

****2 - 4 Weeks Shipping****

Perfect Holiday Gift

Not Only Can You Distill Beer, But You Can Also Increase Your Output By Adding Hard Alcohol
To The Pot To Increase The Amount of Moonshine YOU Collect.
Make Sure You Don't Forget
to Cut Out The Foreshots. 
For More Info Please Call 1-603-997-6786

Use this unit to distill small batches of mash or beer as a test batch and use a larger unit for more quantities.  Many professional distillers have smaller units they run test batches on their mashes.  You can check out some larger sizes we have such as the 12 pack and 30 rack models for the smaller sizes.   You can check out our larger flagship models such as the 6, 10 up to 100 gallon sizes on our website

How Much Shine Will This Make?
As you may know.  the average beer contains 5% alcohol by volume.  Each beer contains 12 fluid ounces of liquid.  The "6 Pack" holds 6 beers at 12 fluid ounces = 72 fluid ounces.  Therefore, 5% of the 72 fluid ounces is TECHNICALLY Pure Moonshine.  This Equals 3.6 Fluid Ounces of White Lightning.  This may not seem like much, but as Josh Owens says "It will either put hair on your chest or take it off".   IF YOU USE A HIGHER ABV % BEER YOU WILL COLLECT MORE MOONSHINE :)    ***Don't Forget The Other Sized Models Such As The 12 Pack and 30 Rack which will for sure make you much more shine. 

What Are The Dimensions?
 The Pot is 6 inches in diameter and is short.  IF you want to buy a larger model you can purchase the 12 pack or 30 rack.  All 3 models have a 3/8 inch copper cooling coil.  Each Unit typically has a span from left to right of 24 inches and a height of 12 to 18 inches depending on the model. 
For More Details , Contact 1-603-997-6786.


****2 - 4 Weeks Shipping****

The Condenser -   On the back side of the condenser there is an outlet port for draining the cooling water into a reservoir.  The outlet port is pinched as to only let a small amount of water out of the condenser consistently.  This way you can load the condenser with more ice once the water level dissipates . 

6 Pack - Holds 6 Beers Worth of Mash
12 Pack - Holds 12 Beers Worth of Mash
30 Rack - Holds 30 Beers Worth of Mash

Each Unit is Engraved with the
"Moonshiner Josh Owens"

Each Unit is Engraved with the
"Moonshiner Josh Owens" 

Warranty and Return Policy: 
This product is covered under The Distillery Network Inc.  Lifetime Warranty Policy.  All of our units are made using thick copper and are built with the highest industry standards.  Our skilled copper smiths are proud to build units that are made for life. 




***Perfect Holiday Gift***

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