• Oct 27, 2020
  • by Moonshiner


Welcome back to part two distillers. I've got my methanol running out. So I had to sit and run an arm, I fired it up. There's nothing special about that. Just hit the button, turn it on. I've got it set at 165 and I'm at 160 5.2 166. And then it's just going to bounce around there for a little while, I'm just going to hold it. And the reason I'm going to do that is because it 145 is where your methanol comes off. nothing you can do about it. You can't hold it back. And believe it or not, it only comes off once so you don't have to collect it over and over again on successive runs of the same stuff. Then about 173 ish 74 somewhere in a neighborhood depending on your still in all everything else is when your ethanol starts to run off. 

Now let's talk briefly about methanol. I'm going to collect the first two ounces. That's a 32 ounce jar. Pretty easy. It's about a quarter of an inch downer. methanol, yes is poisonous in large doses, if that was a wine It's a mash, we only call it a mash because we're going to put it in here. But if we were going to put that in a bottle, it's now a line. But what's the difference between being a wine or being a beer? From this point, you put it in a bottle and people consume it, they drink it. The only difference in the distilling process is a bit more careful. 

We take off the first two ounces, because we know that there's methanol there. And we know that's what gives us a headache. And we separate that thought away. But we don't do it with wine or beer, but no one complains about drinking six beers, you'll go blind, or you drink a bottle of wine, it'll kill you. Nothing could be further from the truth. So I'm just about, yep, just about there. 


Now what I'll do is I'll increase my temperature, about five degree increments until I get up to My production level attached to my parrot. Now what's the parrot do? The parrot allows you to put your proof and trail hydrometer in here and as that tube fills up Don't drop it in there. It'll crash in the bottom. So just slowly laid in there. It goes all the way down now well as this fills up that will start to float. It just gives me an instant indication that's all it just tells me what's coming out of that still by proof. I don't have to stop and, you know, test it and go.

I'll know instantaneously what's coming out and still well as instantaneous as you can get. And this will just throw this away. That's no good. It’s really high and alcohol and all those other things. So we just got to wait now I'm gonna crank up the temperature just a little bit up. There we go over. I'm gonna turn it up to 175  and let it do its thing. 

I've already got that cool down about 57 degrees. And I've been pumping water through this works perfectly. I'm gonna go over it on again just so I can make sure I keep that cool. And every time that we come back, I'll turn that off because it's a little noisy.

We are in the production mode. Right now I’m on my parrot. I've got I'm sitting like 145 proof Which is 72%. We're doing? Well, I've got this set at 180 degrees. And you can see that it's bouncing going. There's one at sea, it's 181. And then it drops below that now I've got something going on here. 

Now, this is really a good example. And you'll notice how I proof and trail? hydrometers bobbin? What does that tell us? See if we know the process and what's been taking place, we know what's going on inside here. Bob's and then it keeps going. 

So what you will notice if you're not using a parrot is that you'll have a spurt come out, and it'll dribble a little bit and then you might get a puff. And, but w In that temperature starts to go down and when it goes below your setpoint that energy starts to build up again, but it's not released right away, it starts to build. It is building up again, until all of a sudden, it bursts again and it takes off. 

So this is what I've got going on in my still. Fermentation is important. You see, each one of these steps in this process is important. So I'm gonna let that keep going. And we will check back with you shortly and show you what our results are. Because right now, we're still at 145 proof. 

Now a first full court on this thing ran 140 proof 145 down to about and this one was finished at about 130. So it's got a pretty good doubt court there. And that's really good off of a pot still. Now, I'm wondering if my temperature is now 190. And you can see I'm at 120 proof, I still got a little bit of bobbing going on. So that challenge with the surface tension inside my still is still there. There's nothing I can do about it. But I just work myself through that.

There are challenges that may come up, you know, you'd never know. But you should. You can see here that it's holding my 140 pretty darn solid within, you know, a half a degree right now. And that is the difference between heaven.  A bunch of sugar because right now I have just watched her. 

To all the stuff that you can do. You know your imagination is your only limitation!

Happy distilling.