Lifetime Warranty

We Stand By Our Products!
Lifetime Warranty On All Purchases
Home Moonshiners is an American Company. We Do not want to take advantage of our customers, therefore, if you find something that you don't like about our unit, let us know about it and we will take care of it to the best of our ability based off of our lifetime warranty. We want you to feel secure with your purchase, but we also need you to understand there are forces at play which we have no control over, like sloppy shipping companies mishandling products. Rest assured, the fist 30 days of your order, if you are not satisfied you can call us and we will pay the shipping back and forth to you to fix the order. After 30 days, you need to pay the shipping back and forth. You can swap your unit out 3 years from now as long as you are the original owner and be covered under our lifetime warranty, you just need to pay the shipping costs. 
American Copper Works stands behind their products. Our copper moonshine stills are built to last and we have sold tens of thousands of these units successfully over the past 9 years.