Some of our Favorite Moonshine Recipes

Moonshine Recipes from the Distillery Network Inc.

Checkout some of our favorite Moonshine Recipes

Good Whiskey Moonshine Recipe for your Moonshine Still from The Distillery Network

Good Whiskey - Our Favorite Moonshine Recipe


  • Malt 

  • Sugar

  • Rain Water

  • Yeast


      1. You can buy the malt from any big supermarket, if they don’t have it, you can order it. The best brands I can think of are Blue Ribbon and Red Top. The malt is liquid and comes in a can, the yeast comes in cakes.

      2. To every can of malt you add 5 gallons of warm water, dissolve 5 pounds and 1 cake of yeast. Mix all this together in a barrel made of plastic, stainless steel or copper, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE ALUMINIUM

      3. Keep it covered with cheese cloth to keep the bugs out. Keep it in a warm place till it ferments

      4. Afterwards, you can cook it off in your whiskey still

      5. After you run the whiskey, it is clear like water. You can color it by taking a piece of dry fruit wood or maple, burn the fruit wood over a flame till it is blackened real good, then drop the burned fruit-wood in your clear whisky. In a few days the whiskey will be the color of store-bought whiskey.


Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe for your Moonshine Still from The Distillery Network

Apple Pie Moonshine - Moonshine Recipe


  • Apple Cider (Recommended 4 Cups)

  • Apple Juice (Recommended 4 Cups)

  • Brown Sugar (Recommended 1/2 Cups)

  • White Sugar (Recommended 1/2 Cups)

  • Cinnamon Sticks (Recommended 3 Sticks)

  • Bottle of Moonshine (Recommended 750 ml)



      1. Combine the cider, juice, sugars and cinnamon sticks in a large sauce pan.

      2.  Over medium heat in your Copper Moonshine Still, bring to boil. Turn off heat and let it cool to room temperature. After it is cooled, mix it with the moonshine.

      3. Store in sterile mason jar

      4. NOTE: The more you let it age, the better the quality of the taste. 


Black Beard Rum Moonshine Recipe for you Moonshine Still from the Distillery Network

Blackbeard’s Rum - Moonshine Recipe


  • Brown Sugar

  • Water 

  • Honey 

  • Mash



      1. Add two pounds of sugar per one gallon of water and one cup of honey for every ten gallon batch.

      2. Start hydrometer reading of about 90, do not exceed 100.

      3. Add 1 to 3 ozs of yeast per 10 gallon mash.

      4. Heat 1/4 of your water to 120 or 130 degrees, only hot enough to melt the sugar, then stir in your sugar and then the honey last.

      5. Pour it into your fermenter and finish filling with cool water to cool it down to 80 degrees.

      6. Take the hydrometer reader and adjust as needed, then add your yeast

      7. 6 to 14 days to ferment

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