Directions For Setting Up The Distillation Unit 

  1. Open your box.

  2.  Place pot with temperature gage on the table towards left hand side.

  3. Take the smallest piece of the thumper the drain plug facing towards you and put the right of the pot.

  4.  Take the worm which is attached to coil and put to the right of thumper

  5.  Take the cap and insert it to the top of the pot, the bottom of the cap connects by spinning the spin fittings to the left side of the thumper: the seam of the top of cap should interlock the seam of the back of the pot.

  6.  When connecting the spin fitting if they should leak use thread locking tape or wheat paste. The unit .also comes with an adapter piece which is copper and it connects to the top of right hand side of the thumper and goes to the worm spin fitting~ accordingly


  8. You need a burner or any source of flame, you could also have a submerged electric heating element. Once you have a burner and propane you need some MASH. Mash is what you put in the still to get liquor.

  9.  MASH= fermented materials that can range from anywhere between 1% to 35% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) The higher the ABV the more alcohol you will be able to pull out. The goal is to take out as much alcohol out of the Mash with your Moonshine Still. VISIT WWW.MASH.RECIPES FOR SOME EASY RECIPES TO GET STARTED You are going to need a Hydrometer which measures the alcohol continent of the Mash, cause it's always nice to know what your alcohol is in the beginning and end of the process. There are two different types of hydrometer 1 to use for low proof (of Mash) and 1 for high proof Visit our accessory page to purchase more items from us.

  10. Strain Mash for any hard materials and pour into pot. You are going to need to seal cap of the pot with old school Wheat Paste or Black Electrical Tape, make sure to seal the unit good. The Thumper is a double purification unit, it is not a necessity. We want you to run the Thumper dry (meaning do not add anything in it) until you 'know what you are doing. All our units are interchangeable which means you can take the Thumper out and run it directly from the pot to the worm with the coil.

  11. Your worm the one with coil needs a constant flow of cool water (we recommend continuously filling it with ice) you can also get a upgraded thumper and worm kit with any of our units which will give you 2 hoses to run water in and out.

  12. Put a flame underneath pot until the unit starts to "work" as soon as the worm is dripping product write the temperature down then add 20 degrees to it "that is your operating range" Always keep still within this range to make sure H20 does not go into your product.

  13.  Your Thumper will fill up with liquid an eventually stop the distillation process. You will need to disregard the Thumper content's or save and re-run in your next batch.

  14.  Do not just go and start drinking what comes out of the unit. Please do appropriate research to make sure you disregard the appropriate amount of your distillate before drinking.


Shipping Questions 

1. How long before I receive my order?
a. For regular shipping orders, the duration out of shop is 1 to 2 months depending on the season and the supply of materials. 
2. How can I check the status of the order?
Call 1-502-337-3944  or email TDNorders@gmail.com
3. What can I do, if I wish to return a product, due to it being defective?
a. Our units come with a lifetime warranty, which states that within the first 30 days of the purchase, the customer is not held liable for extra charges. If the customer is dissatisfied in any way they can their unit for another one of equal value. 
b. After 30 days, if there is an issue with the unit, please send it back to our address: 50 Bridge Street, Nashua NH, 03060, USA.
We will ship as long as the customer is willing to pay for shipping both ways.
4. Is the box the still ships in "discreet"
a. Yes

Product Questions 

1. How do I seal the Cap?
a. Use old school wheat or flour paste..... OR   Use black electrical tape (use thread lock tape first, so it doesn't stick too bad on the copper.)
2. How do I heat the unit?
a. You can heat the unit with any flame.
b. You can use an open flame.
3. Where is the temp gauge?
It should be in the worm on the pot installed.
4. I have been running the still but it's not working...what should I do?
Our units work best if you can crank up the heat until the product starts coming out the worm then you write down the temperature. Afterwards, add 20 degrees to it, which should be your sweet spot. Try to stay in range at all times.
5. Who can I call if I have a question?
If none of your product related questions couldn't be found here, please give us a call at 1-502-337-3944.
6. What is the size of the pot, thumper and worm?
The pot sizes vary on the size of the still but normally the thumper is 9x12; the worm is 9x12 inches.
7. What is a thumper?
A thumper is a double purification unit, which helps get a higher proof product.
8. Is this a complete Unit?
This depends on the purchase you've made. DIY Kits are complete with parts, but require some soldering. Complete Units come with everything included.
9. How thick is the copper?
20 oz, 22 ga.
10. Is it easy to put together?
Yes it spins apart and can be stored in a closet.
11. Is it made using lead free materials?
Yes! Our flux is water-soluble and solder is 95/5 lead silver solder. Our copper is 99.9% Paul Revere Copper.
12. Is the unit made in America?
Yes! All our of our products are made in America. Also our technicians are American as well.
14. Does my information get reported to the government?
15. Does this unit make essential oil?
Yes, but the customer would have to make small adjustments to utilize it in such a way to extract essential oils.
16. What is the common size or best size for beginners?
The 6 Gallon
17. What are the laws around using moonshine stills?
Water Distillation Unit.
18. What can I use these units for?
Our units can be used to make a variety of different spirits.  Essential oils, perfumes, ethanol, hash oil from marijuana.   You can make Distilled Water.  The List goes on and on.  This is a tool for survival. 
18. Do you have any recipes I can try out?
We have a lot of recipe resources in our mobile app, you can also check some of our favorites at www.mash.recipes