• Jun 21, 2019
  • by jonathan zajac
Stills are also a tool for survival much like a gun. Whether life continues as normal or there is a natural disaster, war, or a catastrophic event owning your own still has many amazing qualities. Owning a gun and owning a still can hold the same value when it comes to protecting our freedoms as American’s and protecting our lives from harm.
We watch movies and shows about survival. We see what many challenges that could lie ahead of us in potential life threatening situations. However it’s not just in the movies any more. From countries at war to the Flint, MI water crisis there are threats at every corner.
Stills are commonly used for making spirits, distilling water, essential oils, and gas. However stills can also be used to make antiseptic. Having the ability to make your own antiseptic especially in a position where you can’t get any can be lifesaving.  Having a still on hand to make some alcohol to use to clean a wound would be a huge bonus to anyone. Alcohol can also be helpful in the case of a toothache. If you’re in the position where you can’t see a doctor and have no way of getting treatment having a still would be very convenient. When making alcohol for the use of an antiseptic, you should keep in mind that the potency is an important factor. Most stores sell it with a 70% alcohol content.
You can use the alcohol as a cleaning tool for tables, counter tops, or anything you’re looking to clean as well. It’s a great way to disinfect surfaces, tools and medical instruments. In cases of emergency, in times of war and destruction diseases and viruses can outbreak and become a pandemic. In some cases like the black plague and the Spanish flu situations became deadly. Sometimes the infected would just touch a surface and a non-infected person could touch that same dirty surface and pick up the virus. So having your own still to provide you with a cleaning solution could be a life saver!
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