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All models are our base models, the same ones we have been building for the past 11 years.   Over the years we have developed add-ons which we know you will love. ...
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All models are our base models, the same ones we have been building for the past 11 years.   Over the years we have developed add-ons which we know you will love.  Let’s talk about your first or last Made In America Copper Moonshine Still. 



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A do-it-yourself kit (DIY) is a copper moonshine kit manufactured by American Copper Works.   A DIY Kit is 20 oz. Sheet copper which is cut,  bent,  rolled and in embossed which leaves it ready to solder.  Clamping and Soldering  of the pieces is what is needed to complete the moonshine still. 

This is not a project where you just solder the tubing pieces and you're done. This is a project that will take at least 4 to 8 hours to complete. When we get the copper in our shop,  we measure it,  cut it, bend it, roll it into a cylinder shape,  emboss it and ship it to the customer ready to clamp and solder. 
We include the flux and solder in the box as well as all the parts and fittings that you need to finish the unit. We do not include the propane tank the torch head for the propane tank. 
You can save a bunch of money with our moonshine kits. We specialize in 2 gallon kits all the way up to 100 gallon moonshine kits where the customer can actually save themselves hundreds of dollars.
Once again this project is not easy. We estimate that it will take the average customer 4 to 8 hours to clamp and solder and complete the unit. You can check out our video on www.moonshinekits.com which is a 36 minute tutorial video as well as you can check out "KitBookLet) Which is an instruction booklet built for our customers. Thank you for being a part of American Copper Works.


You Solder BOOKITLET: A step by step guide on how to make moonshine still out of of our moonshine kits for sale

Copper Still Plans for Building Your Moonshine Still Step by Step



Are you up for a challenge?
The EZ KIT you just purchased comes with a challenge; this is not a kit for amateurs, but for the “DIY” kind of guy or girl.
Assembling the EZ KIT is not easy; you have to attach, clamp and solder each piece yourself. We have already cut, bent, rolled and embossed the copper for you to get you started.
Now it’s up to you to rise up to the challenge.
How rewarding would it be to be able to BRAG to all your friends and family that you actually built a Copper Moonshine Still yourself! Or better yet, build it with the help of a friend or family member as a quality time project.
We included this BooKitLet (yeah, that’s what we called this awesome thing) with very detailed instructions on how to get your Still ready to rock. How- ever you decide to tackle this, we promise you that you will not be alone along the way, we are just a phone call away if you have questions!

1-(603) 997-6786


We also have an instruction video on  for you to follow along as well.
So, turn to the page with a list of Tools Needed and get ready to build your own Copper Moonshine Still!

Good Luck Moonshine Kit Rockstar.



moonshine kit parts for building moonshine still step by step


Copper Still Plans and Moonshine Still Kit Parts


* Gloves and eye goggles
* Metal Snips for Custom Cuts
* Small Ball Hammer
* Metal File for Sharp Edges
* Propane Torch Head
* Propane tank (small, disposable)
* Fire Extinguisher and other safety supplies
* Long Flat Head Screwdriver
* Step Drill Bit
* Deburring Tool (if needed)
* Anything made of metal to hold up the bottom of the pot from the inside Or a 5 Gallon bucket lined with tin foil
(to hold circle bottom piece into place when fitting it)
* Clamps to hold the seams together when soldering (Have different length sizes on hand)
* Tin Foil


Pot Body Assembly

The Pot has two sides of the seam: a sharp side and a tucked seam side.
The Sharp side goes on the inside of the pot, it tucks under the folded over side.

Copper Pot Still Instructions

Apply flux to the sharp seam on the outside and to the folded over side to the inside (the flux sides will touch when you fold them over). Clamp the seams together on the folded over seam.


Pot Stills and Moonshine Kits Instructions

Our mission here is to clamp the pot to the correct size of the bottom circle.
Clamp the pot so the circle fits snug, you want it on the tighter side rather than loose. This is important, please remember copper is soft and you will want it tight, so the solder makes a connection.
Start soldering inside the pot seams. Use the heat and follow with the solder, you’ll heat up the copper to melt the solder.
Go slow, making sure the solder drips into the gaps of the seam. Your first run of soldering is to fill the gaps, you will do a second run along the seam to make it look good.
Insert the pot circle and use something to push the circle up from the inside, as to keep it in place while you solder the circle. Same as with the pot seams solder slowly; making sure there are no gaps, circle has to be snug.


Copper Still Plans Parts

Let it Cool and take the clamps off.

Thumper comes with two copper circles. One of these circles has two drilled holes; this one is the top circle. Same as the pot, insert bottom circle and solder.
Turn over and insert the top, use a tool to pull up the edges to solder nice and flat.

Soldering the Moonshine Kit

Cap Kit Assembly

Clamp and solder the open cylinder (cap bottom) just as you did with the pot body. The bottom piece of the Cap has two lines, a beveled line and an embossed line. Embossed line is under beveled line.


Cap Kit Assembly for Moonshine Kit


Flux the seams of Cap Top and Bottom; Insert the Cap top on Bottom with beveled line on top, match the seams as these interlock. Get the tightest fit you can, flux seams again and start soldering as you did with the pot.Make Two runs of solder inside the cap pieces (you can always do a small solder line on the outside for added security).Included is a flat square of copper, this is your Cap Tip Top; you can cut this into a circle to fit the cap top.Using the top piece of the cap as a guide, draw a circle with marker on the inside to make a stencil of the right size.


Cap part of the Moonshine Kit


Cut the circle shape, leaving about a 1/8” extra when you cut, this will help make sure the circle you cut is not too small for the cap. Fit the circle into the top of Cap Kit, use something inside to drive the circle up and keep it in place while you solder (any metal cylinder would work).


Flux the seams along circle and solder.




As we saw with the pot body, the Cone also has two sides: a sharp side and a folded over side. The folded over side is always on the outside, covering the sharp edge side.

Assembling the Cone for the Moonshine Kit

Flux the sharp side of the seam on the side facing towards you, flux the seam of the folded over side as well, just as we did with the pot.
Match the bottom of cone seams first and when you fold the seams over each other, leave about 2” overhang on the bottom and about ¼” on top to be able to fit the clamps (Don’t clamp the seam, you will be soldering the seam).
Clamp the top and bottom and use a longer handle clamp to clamp the middle of the cone, we do not want any gaps. Close the gap well so the copper sides are touching each other.


Moonshine Still clamp


Flux and solder from the inside, make sure to fill the gaps well with the solder. Solder in two runs: the first run is to fill the gaps well; the second run is to make it look nice and even.
Wait for the solder to cool, remove clamps.
For this step, you will need an object such as a metal stand, metal object or a 5 gallon bucket lined with tin foil (to prevent melting), this will help you hold the cone into place while you insert the pot body and solder.
Flip cone upside down on the bucket (holder) and fit the pot into the cone and
match up the seams.
Apply pressure to the top of the pot before soldering, to make gaps tighter. (you may want to have another person pushing down to make sure gaps are tight, or you can use a weight as well).


Soldering the Moonshine Kit


Flux along the seam of Cone and Pot and solder, go slow, in 3” stretches.


Assembly Cap to Cone

Just as we did with the Pot to Cone assembly, attach Cap to small end of cone making sure the seams match (these should interlock).

Pot to Cone Assembly for the Moonshine Kit


Have someone help you keeping into place, or have something holding the Cap in place (make sure whatever you use keeps the two pieces steady!)
Flux and solder leaving no gaps. Use low heat, do not overheat and do not force the solder into the seams. Make it so the solder flows naturally and the flame and the flux do all the work.


Moonshine Kits and Copper Still Plans


Worm Assembly

Same process as with the Pot’s Body.
Fit bottom circle onto the worm’s body, flux and solder.
The top circle of worm will have two holes, use a tool to get the top circle up so you can solder in place.


Plugs and Bushings

You’ll need to drill the holes (unless they are already drilled).
It is best to use a step drill bit; make sure you do not over drill the hole, you want the piece to fit snug. Try to use the threads of the piece you are installing to make it fit tight.


Copper Still Plans and Moonshine Kit Instructions

When you heat up these pieces, it is different that heating the copper up and soldering! You need to heat up the piece slightly longer before applying the solder. If you apply the solder before the brass piece is hot enough to take the solder, you will end up with solder drips on the copper.

Copper Moonshine Kits Instructions for Building Your Own Moonshine Still


All these pieces will be in the box. The plug and bushing go on the thumper or anywhere you would like to install.



Thumper Pipe Instructions

The seam is on the back side, the drain plug is on the front. Once you de- termine which side is the front and back, you then need to make sure the correct tubing gets installed. The long tubing goes almost all the way down on the left side. The tubing that does not go down much at all goes on the right side.


Thumper Pipe Instructions for the Moonshine Kit


Plumbing the Unit

Once all of your pieces are ready to get installed, you need to line everything up on the table and get it nice and straight before you solder everything up. We call this “Plumbing the Unit”.
Making sure everything lines up before soldering the pipes is important to ensure that your unit looks proper.
Make sure you apply enough flux to all joints before soldering. Hold the flame on the fitting and heat it up until solder takes. Do not wait too long or the solder won’t take. If this happens, use sand paper or wire brush to clean up and reflux, let it cool down before you try to solder again.


Plumbing the Unit for the Moonshine Kit

Worm Calibration

The coil for the worm needs to be installed in a manner where the coil spirals downwards.
The coil cannot be spiraling from low to high or down too flat.


Worm part of the moonshine kit and copper still plan


Make sure when installing the coil, the flow of the spiral goes downwards to ensure the correct flow needed.

Inside the Worm for your Moonshine Still

Tips and Tricks



* Clamping the copper is important when building a copper moonshine still; the tighter you clamp the copper, the less solder you will have to use and a much stronger bond will be created.
* When clamping, make sure you use the clamps with flat ends which pivot this way you won’t be left with marks on your moonshine still.
* Flux pieces before clamping and before soldering. The flux cleans and prepares the area for maximum adhering capabilities.



  • * Flux the pieces generously to ensure proper solder bondings; the solder should “Mend” into the copper.
    * Use flux to cool certain spots down if needed.
    * Go slow when soldering, do not overheat the flux or copper and let the solder mend naturally with the copper sheet.
  • Make sure you fill all seams with solder. We like to go until it drips out the other end and use gravity to your advantage!
* Always start from the bottom (side close to you) and run the solder up the seams. Put the flame first and follow with the solder, let the copper melt the solder instead of the flame.
* Solder in Two Runs. First run is meant for the solder go into the seams. Second run is to make it look nice and finished. Flux in between runs, but let it cool off first!
*Before you do a “Second Run”, hold the flame on left hand side of seam and
you’ll see the solder bubble. If there is space for the solder to move, it will move.
*Wrap your clamps with tin foil to avoid solder drippings on your clamps.






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Please allow 2 to 4 weeks to ship the unit.

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How to build a 20 Gallon Moonshine Still Step by Step from a Home Distilling Kit 

Please check out the complete description of each of our sizes on our websites. For example if you are interested in a 6 gallon DIY Kit and are wondering the measurements of a 6 gallon Moonshine Still you can check out our listing on any of our websites to see the specific measurements and specifications of the 6 gallon unit. 

Please keep in mind that all of our units come with the Upgraded Thumper and Worm kit. The Thumper is 9" by 9" cylindrically and the worm is a little bit bigger.  The coil is 3/8 coil and the tubing is 1/2 inch tube. The thickness of the copper used is 20 oz. / 22 gauge copper sheet purchased from Paul Revere out of Boston Mass which is 99.9% pure.


Putting together your 20 Gallon Moonshine Still 


1. Open your box.

2. Place pot on a table with temperature gage towards left hand side.

3. Take the smallest piece of the thumper with drain plug facing towards you and put to the right of the pot.

4. Take the worm which is attached to coil and put to the right of the thumper.

The Distillery Network Moonshine Still Instructions

5. Take the cap and insert it to the top of the pot, the bottom of the cap connects by spinning the spin fittings to the left side of the thumper.

A) The seam on the top of cap should interlock with seam of the back of the pot.

The Distillery Network Moonshine Still Instructions


6. When connecting the spin fitting, if they should leak, use thread locking tape or wheat paste. The unit also comes with an adapter piece which is copper, and it connects to the top of right hand side of the thumper and goes to the worm spin fittings accordingly.

The Distillery Network Moonshine Still Instructions

7. Congratulations! You have successfully assembled your Moonshine Still but you still need to know how to use it.

8. You need a burner or any source of flame, you could also have a submerged heating element. Once you have a burner and propane you need some MASH. Mash is what you put in the still to get liquor.

9. MASH= Fermented materials that can range anywhere between 1% to 35% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). The higher the ABV, the more alcohol you will be able to pull out. The goal is to take out as much alcohol out of the mash with your Moonshine Still.



You are going to need a Hydrometer, which measures the alcohol content of the Mash, ‘cause it’s always nice to know what your alcohol is in the beginning and the end of the process. There are two different types of Hydrometers, one to use for low proof (of Mash) and one for high proof. Visit our accessory page to purchase more items from us.

10. Strain Mash for any hard materials and pour into pot. You are going to need to seal the cap of the pot with “old school” Wheat Paste or Black Electrical Tape, make sure to seal the unit well. The thumper is a double purification unit, it is not a necessity. We want you to run the Thumper dry (meaning, do not add anything in it) until you know what you are doing. All our units are interchangeable, which means you can take the Thumper out and run it directly from the pot to the worm with the coil.

11. Your Worm, the one with the coil, needs constant ow of cool water (we recommend continuously filling it with ice) you can also get an upgraded Thumper and Worm Kit with any of our units which will give you 2 hoses to run water in and out.

12. Put a flame underneath the Pot until the unit starts to “work”; as soon as the Worm is dripping product, write the temperature down then add 20 degrees to it, “That is your Operating Range”. Always keep still within this range to make sure H2O does not go into your product.

13. Your Thumper will fill up with Liquid and eventually stop the distillation process. You will need to disregard the Thumper’s content or save and re-run in your next batch.

14. Do Not just go and start drinking what comes out of the unit. Please do the appropriate amount of research to make sure you disregard the appropriate amount of your distillate before drinking.  


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Please allow 2 to 4 weeks to ship the unit.


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