Alcohol Meter Hydrometer Alcoholmeter Kit [Concentratometer Bar Set + Thermometer]

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Description :Alcohol Meter 4PCS/Set  Glass Float Gauge Densitometer Alcohol Liquid Meter Hydrometer Wine TesterSpecification :Materials : GlassLength : 20cm, 14.7 cmWeight : about 190gIncludes four pieces  (three alcohol meter, one...
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Description :
Alcohol Meter 4PCS/Set  Glass Float Gauge Densitometer Alcohol Liquid Meter Hydrometer Wine Tester

Specification :
Materials : Glass
Length : 20cm, 14.7 cm
Weight : about 190g
Includes four pieces  (three alcohol meter, one thermometer)
Can be measured wine range : 0-100 degrees,  the minimum scale : 1 degree
0-40 degrees, 40-70 degrees, 70-100 alcohol count,  0-50 degree thermometer
Supplied alcohol meter temperature concentration conversion table

How To Use :
Alcohol meter must be cleaned and dry before use , (cleaned with soap or alcohol).
after clean the  alcohol meter, hand can not take in engraved line portion,  you should gently with your index finger and thumb hold the dry tube top.
Must be cleaned graduated cylinder to avoid affecting the readings.
If you find indexing position paper, glass cracks, surface grime attached and can not be removed, the alcohol count must immediately stop using .

Measuring method :
The alcohol was poured into a graduated cylinder 250ML, be careful not to pour too full, then put a thermometer and alcohol meter (upside down)  vertically into the cylinder and don't stick the cylinder wall, wait a moment. 
Eyes flat as the temperature and alcohol, by "alcohol meter  temperature concentration conversion table", then find the standard (alcohol content of 20 °).

Package Included :
3 x Hydrometer alcohol meter
1 x Thermometer
1 x Plastic Case
1 x English user manual


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