Craft Distillery Revolution

Copper Distillation Equipment Built in USA

Our Copper Distillers are Strong. Pure Copper stills built by hand in the USA. America was built on moonshine, get yourself an American Made Moonshine Still. The Craft Distillery Revolution is here. Buy a moonshine still with one of your buddies and have something fun to do over the weekend. Or, you can make your own line of liquor and become a commercial distiller. Just make sure you get your liquor distilling permit from your state officials because the craft distillery revolution is here. Hundreds of distillers across the country apply for distillers permits every year, you could be one of them too. Just check with your town and state ordinances.   
Distilling at home is easy.  Buy an electric moonshine still and brew right in your kitchen.  All of our units are very easy to assemble, just spin the fittings and start distilling. Our units are in the homes of over 10,000 happy customers over the past 6 years clearly proving that the Craft Distillery Revolution is among us. We built a 300 Gallon Commercial Moonshine Still for a customer and he loves it!  Have you visited your local distilleries and seen the types of set ups they are running to get alcohol?  

The process of distillation is a time honored tradition.  A fundamental road block which paved the way for America and its ancestors to come. Ethanol is the same thing as Moonshine and it is true, yes, you can make moonshine and ethanol right from the comfort of your own home.    All you need is a copper moonshine still, a burner and some mash and you can be distilling easily.