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6 Gallon Moonshine Still With Upgraded Thumper and Worm
All models are our base models, the same ones we have been building for the past 11 years.   Over the years we have developed add-ons which we know you will love.  Let’s talk about your first or last Made In America Copper Moonshine Still.   Shipping Free Shipping to Continental USA.  Worldwide Shipping Available.  Delivery Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks. Call Us  OR TEXT US 24/7 1-502-337-3944    6 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still - Complete Unit  This is a complete moonshine still set  which...
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Hydrometer/Alcoholmeter Tester [Concentration Meter + Thermometer]
3 Pcs 0-100% Hydrometer Alcoholmeter Tester Set Alcohol Concentration Meter + Thermometer Concentration Meters Features: A professional and precise alcohol measurement set, it includes a 0-40% alcohol meter, a 40-70% alcohol meter, a 70-100% alcohol meter and a thermometer. With a wooden box, durable and easy to store the alcohol meter and thermometer. Very easy and convenient to use with thermometer, please cleaning and drying thembefore using them. Suitable for testing the alcohol hydrometer of making white spirit and beer....
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Alcohol Hydrometer for Moonshine Still and Distilled Spirits
Type: Bar AccessoriesCertification: CE / EU,CIQMaterial: GlassQuantity: 4Brand Name: SIBAOLUModel Number: kh2231Bar Accessories Type: ALCOHOL HYDROMETERType: ALCOHOL HYDROMETERUage: MOONSHINE STILL and DISTILLED SPIRITS
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220v Electric Heating Element with Controller
The 220v for Making an Electric Moonshine Still   This is our 220v electric heating element w/ controller, brought to you by American Copper Works.   It can easily be installed in any of our units.  Finally, you can plug your unit right into the wall and play with your electric moonshine still.   This is a bad-ass upgrade that any intermediate and experienced distillation expert can experience.  We take pride in the units we use for our copper moonshine stills.  That...
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Copper Parrot for Proofing Liquor
The Copper Parrot for all Moonshine Still Sizes       WOW, another great deal from the guys at The Distillery Network Inc. Check out this price!!!! Hurry up and purchase while this deal lasts!!! Please see our product pages for exact details ,this order will match the specs of the corresponding size described on our other moonshine still listings. Free Shipping
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Alcohol Meter Wine Concentration Meter
Professional Alcohol meter for Vodka Whiskey Alcohol Meter Wine Measuring Instrument Alcohol Measurement Wine Hydrometer Tester   Features  Professional Alcohol Hydrometer Meter Tester for Wine Vodka Whiskey Alcohol meter Measuring Instrument Measurement Tools with Plastic Case  The scale on the hydrometer reads from 0 to 100 degrees of alcohol  Three pcs Hydrometer alcohol meter 0 to 100% 0-40 / 40-70 / 70-100 with 1 pcs 0-50 degree Thermometer    Instructions:  The amount of alcohol alcohol concentration was measured only at standard...
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Alcohol Meter Hydrometer Alcoholmeter Kit [Concentratometer Bar Set + Thermometer]
Description :Alcohol Meter 4PCS/Set  Glass Float Gauge Densitometer Alcohol Liquid Meter Hydrometer Wine TesterSpecification :Materials : GlassLength : 20cm, 14.7 cmWeight : about 190gIncludes four pieces  (three alcohol meter, one thermometer)Can be measured wine range : 0-100 degrees,  the minimum scale : 1 degree0-40 degrees, 40-70 degrees, 70-100 alcohol count,  0-50 degree thermometerSupplied alcohol meter temperature concentration conversion tableHow To Use :Alcohol meter must be cleaned and dry before use , (cleaned with soap or alcohol).after clean the  alcohol meter,...
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Alcohol Tester Digital Breath Quick Response Breathalyzer for Drunk Drivers
Technical Parameters Sensors: High precision semiconductor alcohol sensor Detection range: 0.000-0.199% BAC                             0.000-1.990 ‰ BAC                             0.000-0.995 mg / L Alarm point: 0.050% BAC 0.500 ‰ BAC                     0.250 mg / L BrAC Accuracy: ± 0.010% BAC; ± 0.100 ‰ BAC; 0.250mg / L...
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