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***Attention*** We are no longer accepting payment in full for orders.  We now are only requiring a $100 Deposit on ALL orders.  It is our sole mission to get our...
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We are no longer accepting payment in full for orders.  We now are only requiring a $100 Deposit on ALL orders.  It is our sole mission to get our orders shipped within 1-4 weeks.  This means you will receive a call from us very shortly after you pay us a $100 Deposit.    This deposit is fully refundable.   You will receive a call anywhere between instantly and 2 weeks after you pay your $100 fully refundable deposit.  During our phone call or skype “Order Consultation” we will go over all of the specifics as well as the most important piece, the price. 

***All Base Prices are Listed in the description below***


All models are our base models, the same ones we have been building for the past 7 years.   Over the years we have developed add-ons which we know you will love.  Let’s talk about your first or last Made In America Copper Moonshine Still.  

Once we are set to ship your unit, we will contact you for the final payment.  This should be within the next 2 weeks if you purchased a 2, 6 or 10 gallon still.  This should be within the next 4 to 8 weeks if you purchase a larger or a custom unit. 

1-603-997-6786 – Call Us 24/7


IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE $100 DEPOSIT AND DON’T WANT TO WAIT please check out for our Next Day Shipping Supply.


$399 to $7999

 Top End Moonshine Still

Complete Whiskey Still Unit 


This is a complete TOP END craft distiller.  This whiskey still includes the...
 POT, THUMPER, WORM, and CAP with Temperature Gauge, built with 100% lead free materials.

What makes a unit TOP END?

A Top End unit is built like the rest but has all of the bells and whistles.   A Top End unit will be completely polished on the outside leaving a lasting shine.  A Top End unit will have a blow off valve, upgraded drain plugs, extra temperature guages.  A Top End unit comes with an extra large thumper and worm.  A Top End unit comes with Patent Pending Flame Flow Technology built into the pot which makes it so the mash will heat up in half the time and reduce scorching for a finer tasting liquor.   These units are TOP END.


Pot and Cap – Varies on size

Thumper – Varies on size

Worm – Varies on size



Varies on size


Copper Thickness

20 oz. 22 Gauge Pure Organic Copper Sheets (Lead Free)



-Distilled, Purified Water (turn salt water into fresh water)
-Moonshine and other Distilled Spirits
-Essential oils and Perfumes
-Ethanol Gas (make your own Gas to run engines or heat your home)
-Marinade for meats and poultry
Plus Much, Much More!!!

Estimated Output

            Formula for calculating mash output: Alcohol by Volume x Pot filled with product


            Example 1 – Weak Mash (i.e. Wine) = 11% Alcohol by Volume

            Expected Output = 11% x 20 Gallons = 2.2 gallons of liquor


            Example 2 – Stronger Mash = 30% Alcohol by Volume

            Expected Output = 30% x 20 Gallons = 6 gallons of liquor 



Free Shipping to Continental USA.  Worldwide Shipping Options Available. 


We specialize in the manufacturing and production of COPPER MOONSHINE STILLS, which are handcrafted to perfection!  Made using heavy gauge copper and lead free solder, our units are built to last. All of our units are water tested and have ZERO leaks.

We are available to answer your questions so please call us or visit our web site at

We also do custom orders.... 



All of our units come with a lifetime warranty from American Copper Works.






1. Open your box.

2. Place pot on a table with temperature gague towards left hand side.

3. Take the smallest piece of the thumper with drain plug facing towards you and put to the right of the pot.

4. Take the worm which is attached to coil and put to the right of the thumper.

The Distillery Network Moonshine Still Instructions - Home Distilling Equipment for Sale

5. Take the cap and insert it to the top of the pot, the bottom of the cap connects by spinning the spin fittings to the left side of the thumper.

A) The seam on the top of cap should interlock with seam of the back of the pot.

The Distillery Network Moonshine Still Instructions - moonshine still plans


6. When connecting the spin fitting, if they should leak, use thread locking tape or wheat paste. The unit also comes with an adapter piece which is copper, and it connects to the top of right hand side of the thumper and goes to the worm spin fittings accordingly.

keg still parts

7. Congratulations! You have successfully assembled your Moonshine Still but you still need to know how to use it.

8. You need a burner or any source of flame, you could also have a submerged heating element. Once you have a burner and propane you need some MASH. Mash is what you put in the still to get liquor.

9. MASH= Fermented materials that can range anywhere between 1% to 35% ABV (Alcohol By Volume). The higher the ABV, the more alcohol you will be able to pull out. The goal is to take out as much alcohol out of the mash with your Moonshine Still.


You are going to need a Hydrometer, which measures the alcohol content of the Mash, ‘cause it’s always nice to know what your alcohol is in the beginning and the end of the process. There are two different types of Hydrometers, one to use for low proof (of Mash) and one for high proof. Visit our accessory page to purchase more items from us.

10. Strain Mash for any hard materials and pour into pot. You are going to need to seal the cap of the pot with “old school” Wheat Paste or Black Electrical Tape, make sure to seal the unit well. The thumper is a double purification unit, it is not a necessity. We want you to run the Thumper dry (meaning, do not add anything in it) until you know what you are doing. All our units are interchangeable, which means you can take the Thumper out and run it directly from the pot to the worm with the coil.

11. Your Worm, the one with the coil, needs constant flow of cool water (we recommend continuously filling it with ice) you can also get an upgraded Thumper and Worm Kit with any of our units which will give you 2 hoses to run water in and out.

12. Put a flame underneath the Pot until the unit starts to “work”; as soon as the Worm is dripping product, write the temperature down then add 20 degrees to it, “That is your Operating Range”. Always keep still within this range to make sure H2O does not go into your product.

13. Your Thumper will fill up with Liquid and eventually stop the distillation process. You will need to disregard the Thumper’s content or save and re-run in your next batch.

14. Do Not just go and start drinking what comes out of the unit. Please do the appropriate amount of research to make sure you disregard the appropriate amount of your distillate before drinking.





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