Electric Elements

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110v Hotplate For 2 Gallon Copper Electric Moonshine Still - Free Shipping
American Copper Works 110v Variable Controlled Hot Plate for 2 Gallon Electric Moonshine Still This hot plate is best used for our 2 gallon copper moonshine stills.   Heating your unit with electricity has never been this easy.  Now all you have to do is just plug right into your 110v wall outlet and start distilling.      We take pride in all of our products at American Copper Works.   That's why we use only one manufacturer of our electrical components....
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110v Electric Heating Element W/Controller For Electric Moonshine Still
The 110v Electric Element for an Electric Moonshine Still This Electric Element and Controller is recommended for the 2 Gallon Copper Still to the 10 Gallon Copper Still. Anything bigger, we recommend you looking into purchasing a 220v Electric Element.  * the 10 gallon will still run with the 110v but it will not be effecient.    This is our 110v electric heating element, brought to you by Home Moonshiners. It can easily be installed in any of our handcrafted...
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220v Electric Heating Element with Controller
The 220v for Making an Electric Moonshine Still   This is our 220v electric heating element w/ controller, brought to you by American Copper Works.   It can easily be installed in any of our units.  Finally, you can plug your unit right into the wall and play with your electric moonshine still.   This is a bad-ass upgrade that any intermediate and experienced distillation expert can experience.  We take pride in the units we use for our copper moonshine stills.  That...
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