A Distillation Unit is a tool for SURVIVAL

Our Mission at the American Copper Works is to Produce High Quality Home Distilling Units that have all the Authenticity of Appalachia. We Believe That Having One Of Our Moonshine Stills in Your Household is A Commodity.




It is an Essential Survival Tool.

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Get Started Making your own Homemade Moonshine today!!!


Still not convinced? Keep reading to see how many ways purchasing A MOONSHINE STILL is the best decision you'll ever make for your home.
 From water purification to home distilling, our MOONSHINE STILLS and ELECTRIC MOONSHINE STILLS are extremely versatile.

Moonshine, Liquor, Spirits, Essential Oils, Distilled Water.

Imagine Being Able to Produce Your Own Custom-Made Homemade Moonshine Right At Home?

Here's Why Stills From

American Copper Works

Are The #1 Choice For Moonshine Distillation:

Hand-Crafted, Home Distilling Still for making Homemade Moonshine Made Entirely In The USA.


Built to Last Generations.

We DO NOT mass produce low quality, machine made products. Our expert craftsmen take their time to hand-craft each piece to ensure the absolute best quality. All of our products are Water Tested and Leak and LEAD Free, Guaranteed. 

Lifetime Warranty.


At American Copper Works, we take pride in our products, and only use top quality materials. Built To Last and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
We use only the most durable, heavy-guage copper in our stills. 20 oz. Copper.  Spend your hard-earned dollars on a product that's built to last a Lifetime and comes with a Lifetime Warranty to back it up. 



Electric Moonshine Stills

Our Electric Moonshine Stills come with 110v and 220v Electric Elements. The electric elements come installed into the moonshine still or comes separately based on customer request. The Electric Moonshine Still makes it easier to control the heating of your still for your perfect homemade mash.



Exclusive Flame Flow Moonshine Still Technology

We at American Copper Works have seen the future in home distillation, and we made it a reality.
Our patented Flame Flow™ design makes distilling easier, quicker, and creates an exquisite taste no other Moonshine still can stand up to. 

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"Preppers", have seen what lays in the horizon and are getting prepared for the high chance of economic and societal collapse. For this reason many have been purchasing Moonshine Stills for the following purposes:


Purified Water
Alcohol Based Antiseptics
Fuel to Power Internal Combustion Engines
Homemade Moonshine



Ask us about SOLID BOTTOM Stills for even better results using our Stills


Essential Oils And Fragrances

Hobbyists have Discovered that a Still can be Profitable through the Production of Essential Oils and Fragrances that Fetch High Prices and are in High Demand.