• Jun 21, 2019
  • by jonathan zajac
Poorly produced moonshine can be contaminated, mainly from materials used in the construction of the still. Stills employing automotive radiators as condensers are particularly dangerous.
In some cases, glycol, products from antifreeze, can appear as well. Radiators used as condensers also may contain lead at the connections to the plumbing. These methods often resulted in blindness or lead poisoning for those consuming tainted liquor. 
Many distillers and customers have concerns when it comes to stills and the use of copper and the joining process.  Most solder is led based and you need solder to join your copper pieces together. Anytime the word led is around there is a concern that it could seep into your final product.
Many distillers use the lead solder because it is less expensive. However there are good companies like The Distillery Network Inc. who produce copper stills only using led free silver solder making their products all led free.
Copper conducts heat very well making it the perfect material to use in distilling. Copper also removes sulfur compounds and that is very important because you want all impurities that could ruin your products final taste and smell removed.
The safety and durability of The Distillery Networks products are prodigious! The copper they use is high quality and not easily damaged! Pot, cone, thumper and worm, whatever you have ordered are all durable and 100% guaranteed and packaged safely.
You can’t always guarantee the recipes you make will come out how you like, but one thing you can guarantee is that the still you make it in is safe and reliable. Jon Zajac, the company’s owner stands behind all his products and guarantees you a still that will last for generations.