• Jun 20, 2019
  • by jonathan zajac
Everyone knows that “Time is Money”. Here at The Distillery Network Inc. we take pride in our craftsmanship and even more pride in our prices. Offering our customers affordable distillation units has been our mission from day one and our WAW Shipping Option is one of our Hidden Treasures. Occasionally, our prices fluctuate based on demand, and current copper prices. This means that our customers who want a moonshine still within a couple weeks have to deal with our “Current Market Prices”. Our WAW Shipping Option gives our customers a chance to capture immaculate savings in exchange for waiting for your moonshine still. We request that our WAW customers wait up to 3 months from their purchase date to receive their moonshine stills. The waiting time gives the customer a chance to study up on the craft. The waiting time also gives The Distillery Network Inc. more time to build your unit, in turn not needing to rush things at the shop, in turn, greatly reducing operating costs and the cost it takes to build your moonshine still. Alot of our competitors want you to think it is hard to build a moonshine still. This just simply is not the case, if you have been following our organization over the years you would be able to see that we have mastered the manufacturing process and made it so one moonshine still takes only 2 hours to build compared to 8 hours it used to take us when we first started. The real expenses are the shop expenses like rent and internet and labor. This is why you see a lot of guys afraid to show you their shops because they are building stills in their basement.


The moonshine still game is not amazingly profitable. At $700 or $300. a moonshine still is a moonshine still and the way we see it is that if you buy from us you are getting a lifetime warranty and who can really beat that? An example on the price differences you would be saving would be on a 20 Gallon Complete Copper Moonshine Still we usually Sell it for $799. WAW Shipping Option on a 20 Gallon Complete Copper Moonshine Still is around $449. You save a ton of money by waiting. Don’t get fooled from the competitors skyrocketing the prices because demand is high. Take advantage of our WAW Shipping Option and cut the BS and Save Today.